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January 2012

Surprises, Challenges and Courage

In 2010 I saw an interview on the internet with Karina Kaiser about Reverse Speech. I was immediately fascinated by Reverse Speech, infact I was electrified. I booked a Reverse Speech session with Karina to find out, if the online Reverse Speech study course was the right choice for me.
To my great surprise an issue came up during our session which I thought I previously had long resolved with the help of many different spiritual techniques and spiritual ‘teachers’. Now I was shown through my own reversals that I hadn’t even come close to resolve or complete this issue.
Nothing could be stopped now, the dams had broken, I cried throughout my session as well as the whole week following this session. What this session moved within me is unbelievable.  The reversals and the metaphors which came up showed me the truth, in that I had lied to myself with regards to my ‘spiritual work’, as well as allowed myself to be blended by it. I didn’t like this realisation, but deep within in my heart I knew that the reversals were right, and I could accept the reversals in their entirety.  One of the results within this session was, that the Reverse Speech online course was the right thing for me to do. After the first Metajourney I was full of energy and looking forward to the study course.

During the third part of the study course I noticed a continuous ‘up and down’ of my thoughts: “I can do this, I can’t do this”. The thought of “I will never manage to work as a Reverse Speech Analyst” took the lead. This continuous up and down tore at my nerves, and I became more and more annoyed. Karina offered to do a Reverse Speech Session with me to see why I had this recurring thought “I can, I can’t”.  The reversals showed a pattern which originated a long time ago in my school years. One metaphor showed me very clearly that if I did not continue now, then nothing would change this pattern.

Originally I wanted to study Reverse Speech to help others. Fact is though, I discovered that first of all it is to learn about one self. I found out that this is a Self-development trip like no other! The journey was full of challenges and surprises, some of which at times forced me to my knees, but which also let me grow over and above who I thought I was.  I am continuously impressed by the ongoing effects the reversals produce as well as the now strong feeling, that it was right and good for me to do these sessions and the course. This is true for me as well as for the clients I have been allowed to interview so far.

Reverse Speech leaves an ongoing impression, because it doesn’t just scratch the surface of our patterns or stories, quite the opposite: Reverse Speech starts to wobble beliefs held worldwide, ones own beliefs come under scrutiny, ingrained and ‘loved’ habits show themselves as not supportive, and much more. With Reverse Speech we have finally the opportunity to discover the cause and buried reasons which stop us from living our true essence, and to resolve these through metawalks and ongoing sessions.

Everyone who decides to start Reverse Speech sessions will be confronted with the truth about the issue he or she wants to work with. At times it is not easy to look into the blunt and true face of our unconscious, and then accept what we get to see there. This takes courage; I know this from my own experience. However, whoever truly wants to make a transformative difference in their life is also ready for the challenge to face their inner truth.


Dear Karina, it was because of your hand you offered time and again, that I was able to successfully complete the course to Reverse Speech Analyst. Thank you for your strength and support. Thank you for your honesty and friendship.

Reverse Speech Analyst

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