Adjusting and Changing Metaphors

Similar to the modern Hypnotherapy by Milton H Erickson, Inner Speech Revelations operates on the premise that we process our experiences on a conscious as well as unconscious level which show their effect in our daily life. The unconscious mind thinks, communicates and organises behaviour using pictures and images, or metaphor and archetypes. 

Therefore in order to alter behaviour one must first alter the metaphors that structure the unconscious mind. To do this we use a series of individually designed visualizations called Metajourneys.

A metajourney is a guided picture meditation especially designed for each client. We undertake a journey through the unconscious mind according to the metaphors found in the analysis. At the beginning of the metajourney we see these metaphors in their undesired and dysfunctional form. Then we introduce the supportive metaphors to help change and/or resolve all the unwanted metaphors. As these pictures or metaphors then change and alter, so too can the client’s behaviour change in the physical world, therefore creating a new way of ‘being’ with the support of the unconscious.

This is the essence of the inner work with Inner Speech Revelations.

The Swan Transformed


Inner Speech Revelations Sessions & Metajourneys

With the analysis of the initial recording session, messages that have been given by the unconscious mind generally offer an accurate description of what is happening at an unconscious level and reveals the causes of current behaviour.

This can often reduce the therapeutic process by months, if not years, because it allows us to see precisely what is creating current issues.

Following this step, a further recording session is conducted to ask the unconscious mind how these patterns and causes can be shifted and altered according to desired outcomes. The client’s reversals in this recording usually reveal some very precise steps that can be taken to change these patterns.

With the help of a further recording a few weeks later, we can see if and how the undesired metaphors have shifted and transformed. Following on from the analysis of this recording, a final metajourney is conducted which completes one round of session work.

The Swan at Sunset

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