Sittings with Inner Speech Revelations and Metajourneys

Inner Speech Revelations – Sequence of Sittings

  1. 1st 30 min recording about the issue to be addressed (3-5 hours analysis time)
  2. Feedback Consultation 8 - 10 days later to discuss reversal analysis. (approx 1 hour, including written transcript)
  3. 2nd 30 min recording 1 week later to identify instructions for change.. (3-5 hours analysis time)
  4. 1st Metajourney 1 week later for approx. 40-60 min (1.5 hours creating the metajourney)
  5. 2nd Metajourney (if necessary) 1 week later for approx. 40-60 min  (1.5 hours creating the metajourney)
  6. 3rd 30 min recording 3 weeks later to check on progress made. (3-5 hours analysis time)
  7. Final Metajourney 8 – 10 days later for approx. 40-60 min (1.5 hours creating the metajourney)


Sittings can be carried out face to face as well as via the internet (Skype).

This describes a complete process of sittings from analysis to coachings, conducted over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. In the ideal scenario the issues for which this process was done, can be completed, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Most people tend to continue with anoother process as described, sometimes immediately or at a later stage to complete unfinished business, or to address other issues.


Payment schedule

  • A deposit of AU$750 is required before the first recording.
  • The program may be paid in 3 monthly installments.
  • The first installment is payable before the second recording.
  • A discount is offered for full program payment in advance.


Cancellation policy

If the work has started and is then stopped, a refund will be given for payments made for sessions which have not yet taken place, less AU$100 administration fee.

If no work has taken place the deposit is refundable less AU$100 administration fee.


Payments can be made by:

  1. Paypal (+ 3.9% for international transfers) 
  2. International Bank transfer (all bank charges will be covered by client)
  3. Credit Cards accepted (+2% credit card charges). 
  4. Payments by Credit Cards in Australian Dollars only.
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