August 2018

From Despair to Joy

Since I was 20 years old I have been busy studying 'life'.  Much theory, which I have attempted to apply in my daily living.
Then came April 2016 – where a huge trauma threw me totally off my path.
Everything I had studied and learnt practically and theoretically, was just enough to help me survive.
Last hope:  Karina's work with my unconscious mind.

Result: I am feeling so well I have not felt this way for a very long time. I can barely remember when I have felt so satisfied and balanced ever before.
No more despair, with which I woke up every day, nights, mornings ...

Finally I can live normally again, am even joyous at times even though I could not imagine ever to even being able to use the word joyous with regards to myself.

In Gratitude



January 2018

Awakened to Live

Dear Karina

You have helped me very much!
After our last session I remembered more things and experiences I have had in the last couple of weeks.
My life has become worth living!
Thank you!

Oliver L.


October 2016
From rage and fear to a 180° change of consciousness

Dear Karina,

I want to show my appreciation for the sessions we did and summarise my experience throughout all aspects of this work. I find it not so easy to describe it all as I felt so much, and so much has happened since then.
Some time ago I saw the video on youtube where you presented this work by www.TimeToDo.ch with Norbert Brakenwagen. I felt intuitively that I really wanted to try this out and contacted you to discuss what is possible. At the start of our sessions I told you that my partner and I separated 6 months earlier, that I moved into a different town and found myself as a single mum. I felt myself being in a state of emptiness, in a state of not knowing what would happen next and what I was meant to do, work wise or privately. I was full of fear, doubt, rage and anger. I felt I was going around in circles, especially in my head, my thoughts would always centre around the same topis, they were dark and full of rage. My head invented stories that were not true and pulled me deeper and deeper into darkness.

After the first session with you Karina I realised that the reversals hit the nail on the head and were absolutely right, here was no escaping any more, I could not continue to lie to myself any longer. It was not always easy to accept what my inner self told me but what I was shown was the truth and I knew this very well.

I have had many experiences with all sorts of modalities and therapies for self-development, expansion of consciousness and meditation, but the method with Inner Speech Revelations hit me like lightening. After the first metajourney I experienced a 180 degree turnaround of my inner state of being. I could not believe it - really, so quick, just like that?
My point of view changed radically, I can compare it to a change in consciousness. All of a sudden it did not make sense any more to be angry, raging or fearful. I was able to look deeper and saw and recognised what I was not able to see and admit before. The astonishing thing is that my surrounding environment also noticed these changes and asked me about them. This was a magnificent experience which confirmed my self-perception at the same time, because I had a little bit of doubt if it really was that easy and if it would last.

Yes it did!

Now more than 3 months have passed and my new state of being has maintained itself and I can barely remember how it used to be before these sessions and why. It is difficult to explain, but this is my experience. I also want to say, that for a long time I have been living with looking at my inner self. I know that change has to come from within and can not be found on the outside. I have also learnt to work with my shadow side, to meet this side openly and without judgment, and to work with it too. And – I have deciced to start the online study course for Analysis & Coaching with Inner Speech Revelations® with you Karina, and I am more than thankful for ... just EVERYTHING!!! ...

M Bossler
Göppingen, Germany


September 2016
A Quantum leap into self-confidence

Karina knows what she can do and she knows the effects of the work with Inner Speech Revelations®; and she conveyed exactly that message when I saw her for the first time in a TV interview. As she expanded upon how interactive, transparent and straight forward this process is, I knew straight away that we had to work together.

A few weeks have passed now since we completed our work with Inner Speech Revelations®. My goal was to recognise some blockages in my life which I was unable to clearly define, and to release them. My expectations were met beyond imagination. Through Karina’s empathic, self-assured and structured guidance during all aspects of the sessions I realised that this guided communication, including the answers to release and dissolve unsupportive aspects, all lie within my self. And I feel that herein lies the immens power of the work with Inner Speech Revelations®.

This process resulted in a quantum leap for me. Since then I walk my path with great calmness, serenity and self-confidence, and I feel that I now have a much better connection with myself than ever before.

Thank you very much Karina!

Michael V.


February 2016
Re-connection  to the Divine Expression of Being

Dear Karina

I want to thank you from two different perspectives!  Firstly from the role as a client with my issue and the resulting very deep insights I gained. The most joyful experience is the re-connection to the Divine Expression of Being and one of its’ immeasurable aspects – the forever lasting love – thank you.

From my role as a  professional working in Psychotherapy, I can say that I am very impressed by the work of Inner Speech Revelations™ with its specialised professional foundation and content. It is astonishing how, through this process and with the resulting precision, deeper levels of my psyche were continuously revealed!

I wish you as a human being and practitioner all the very best , and  continuing  cooperation  and teamwork with many colleagues around the world.

with best wishes



January 2013
Self-love and Trust through the Metajourneys

Dear Karina,
I can barely express in words, how awesome it was experiencing our work together and how thankful I am for all of it.  I have tried a thousand things on the outside to get answers to my questions, starting with Psychotherapy, consulting a Medium, trying Dowsing as well as using   Tarot cards. I had reached a point where nothing was working and I knew I had to return back to me.
The reason why I contacted you was because I had 3 miscarriages, the 2nd one was in the 5th month of my pregnancy.  The doctors could not help and I became aware that I had to start looking within myself. During our initial conversation you sensed that there was more at play and so I decided to enter into a full round of sessions with Inner Speech Revelations™.
 I was astonished and overwhelmed by the issue that came to light. It all centred around lack of self-love, confirmed by the signals my body sent to me. I was programmed to look for signals from the outside, which always brought me to my limits; some of the metaphors were reflecting this to me, at times quite strongly. And still there was always a spark of Light present the entire time.
It was very moving for me to hear the voice of the Unconscious and to also feel this intense contact in my body. The process of  involving myself with my issue over a course of weeks was very healing. My new way of being, initiated in  the Metajourneys , continues to carry me along.
I have found trust in myself and my body and know that all I need is inside of me. The search has now finished for me and with this new energy I walk into the future.
Karina, thank you very much for your sensitivity and intuition,
Much love for you
Nancy S
Leipzig, Germany.


March 2013
A  Bridge between Prescience and the Mind

Some time ago, with the use of the ancient Kabbalah, I created an analysis about the term ‘Inner Speech Revelations’. I found out that this term relates to an energy which pursues a deeper goal and for this, uses the means of the cosmic laws of order.  Transformations and reforms are initiated through unusual ways.
Globally Inner Speech Revelations means: The Happy-end itself with regards to Law and Order, as well as Health under the premise of analytical thinking and intelligent actions.  The whole energetic imprint of the term ‘Inner Speech Revelations’ incorporates soulfulness, art and creativity.

These statements I have understood. However, what Inner Speech Revelations truly implies I have only been able to sense!

With the help of my sessions I have experienced quite a bit within myself. Over this time a bridge between prescience and the mind (a form of unity between thinking and feeling) made me aware of all that Inner Speech Revelations has to offer. The sense that Inner Speech Revelations is far more than just a technique for self-development,  has shown itself to be true.

On the whole, the process of and with Inner Speech Revelations is, for me, just like the experiences of a child which is allowed to explore new territories. From the broad spectrum of my feelings to different and new ways of viewing and perceiving to what I thought was ‘true’,  I can now say that this ‘new land’ offers a variety of possibilities to move towards a self-responsible Oneness.
By chosing this way to rediscover ‘new old knowledge’, the world has become an even more wonder-full and miraculous place for me.

How lovely, that the guidance through this journey of self-discovery is done in such a warm and sensitive manner.


P. Kurowski
Naturopath Psychology



January 2013

Observant, competent and dilligent

I experienced Ms Kaiser as an observant and competent Practitioner of Inner Speech Revelations. She helps people to find their path within and to walk it, recognising and overcoming obstacles as they arise. This also includes disasters of political violence and their effects on the soul and its connective tissue. I have experienced and highly value her dilligent and gentle manner with which Ms Kaiser handles such difficult subjects.

Dr. Jürgen Müller-Hohagen,
Diplom-Psychologist, Psychotherapist,
Researcher of the effects on the Soul of the NS-era

Dachau, Germany


December 2012

Dear Karina,

Thank you for doing  these sessios with my son.  The atmosphere in our house has totally changed since he found out that he can continue this work with you. The shadows that have lingered in our home have dissolved, and he has become very still and balanced.
Wow!  What a success this first session already is.

With Love
Beate F.
Dettenheim, Germany

October 2012

Impressive, convincing and helpful

Hello dear Karina,

A few months have passed now since I began this intensive and exciting work with Inner Speech Revelations. And since then a lot of things have changed.

Just as it might have been for others, it was also very impressive for me when I was presented with the comments of my unconscious mind in relation to the topics I had talked about.
Every time I let these comments from my unconscious work on me, often in a meditative state, and in conjunction with your guidance to understanding, a process started within me which produced much greater understanding and a growing clarity about myself and the situation I found myself in.

Even more moving were the Metajourneys. Throughout these I felt periodically, that something very deep was touched within me which, until to date, no other form of therapy had been able to access – and as a Psychotherapist I do have extensive experience in these matters.
These meetings with aspects of my ‘truest’ Self continue to accompany me still.

Beyond all this and through the coherence and efficiency of this work, I have seen through my own experience, what marvel our brain truly is, a Quantum Computer of enormous capacity in service to our mind and soul.  The  accomplishment here to see is that we, while with our conscious mind, concentrate on what we want to say and convey, interlace these statements with confirming or correcting or even warning comments in reverse at the same time – and all this produced by the same person. This achievement on the psycho-motoric level alone is barely surpassable!
But then the achievement of the mind to bypass consciousness in favour of one’s own purpose or, for the sake of truth, to run chronologically in the opposite direction (as it only occurs in the quantum world) in order to allow another ‘part of us’ to have its’ say …

You see, my mind is also searching on the theoretical level for an explanation of all I experienced - however, for now it suffices to say that this work with Inner Speech Revelations was a convincing, wonderful and helpful experience.

My heartfelt thanks!

Christian K.

Mag. Dr. Phil., Dipl. Psychologe (EuroPsy);
Klinischer und Gesundheitspsychologe, 
Psychotherapeut (Europäisches Zertifikat für Psychotherapie), 
Supervisor, Mediator und Systemiker
Wien, Austria

July 2012

A powerful and freeing End

I was very interested in the first information evening in 2011, however my focus then was on my ‚severely disabled little patients’,  because the reversal ‘ Mommy love you’  deeply touched me at the time.
This year, after the 2nd information evening, I finally found enough courage to enter into a Inner Speech Revelations session.
At first I was pretty dismayed about my reversals, but at the same time I was glad to have finally braved this step. With my unconscious mind showing me energies it compared to ‘Nazi’ energies, but at the same time also bringing my attention to the Lion as well as Caesar, I could not retreat and let the old fear rule my day yet again.
And so I received my first Metajourney – at first quite oppressive, but then moving quickly towards a powerful and freeing end.
A short while later, after the third recording, I received another incredibly amazing Metajourney. The positive powerful images of these Metajourneys continue to be present time and again.
Since then many things have changed and transformed step by step:

  • Instead of feeling responsible for everyone and everything, I am now able to leave responsibility where it belongs, with members of my family for their own actions, more and more.
  • The compulsory behaviour of mine to have to do everything absolutely right all of the time so that everyone is satisfied, has left.
  • I am able to recognise and acknowledge that I also need time out.
  • Our marriage is starting to move again.
  • Overall there are many small changes and I am not afraid of them any more!


Dear Karina, I am sure things will continue to work within me over the next few months, and I thank you from all my heart for your support!
I will keep you updated.

With love

P Rinner

January 2012

Surprises, Challenges and Courage

In 2010 I saw an interview on the internet with Karina Kaiser about Inner Speech Revelations. I was immediately fascinated by Inner Speech Revelations, infact I was electrified. I booked a Inner Speech Revelations session with Karina to find out, if the online Inner Speech Revelations study course was the right choice for me.
To my great surprise an issue came up during our session which I thought I previously had long resolved with the help of many different spiritual techniques and spiritual ‘teachers’. Now I was shown through my own reversals that I hadn’t even come close to resolve or complete this issue.
... more...

Inner Speech Revelations Analyst

october 2011

A positive outlook on life

Dear Karina,

I want to thank you publicly for the work you have done with me. A few months ago I was very ‘down’, the doctors prescribed anti-depressive medication.  I had no positive thoughts in my head.
Inner Speech Revelations was my last avenue to try and continue my life without anti-depressive medication.

Now, two months later, I can hardly believe it – I am stable, my thoughts centre on the positive aspects of life and I don’t need any anti-depressive medication.  I am not sure how it was possible to achieve such a fast shift within myself, and therefore look forward to learning this with you in the next Inner Speech Revelations course.
I am deeply thankful to have done this work of self-discovery with you. Really – I have no idea where I might otherwise have been…

Also, the Inner Speech Revelations sessions with regards to my business have helped enormously. Within three months I have expanded my business into Germany and am now earning my income just with myself and my own business, being self-employed. A few months ago this would not even have been thinkable.

Thank you – all I can say is THANK YOU!

With kind regards from Wien,


June 2011

Wisdom, Strength and Trust

Dear Karina

I can only thank you, thank you so much – Inner Speech Revelations has given back to me what I never had: I feel protected through the owl which gives me wisdom; I feel that my fire has returned, and the magic gives me strength and trust. I feel that I am back within myself and it feels good inside myself; my inner state of being has definitely changed. I also have begun to like myself when I see myself on photos ;-)

With many greetings from Austria

June 2011

December 2010

A Fast Change

I met Karina per chance and decided spontaneously to enter into a round of sessionwork with Inner Speech Revelations. My issue was partnership because, amongst other things, I finally wanted to learn to truly love again. I had recognised that I attract partners which did not suit and found myself often unhappy.
Through the sessions with Karina we discovered an ancient problem located in the distant past. Some reversals showed where it originated and other reversals showed ways to resolve it. The metawalks which occured as a result of the reversals, were exciting and resolving the issues at the same time.
I had many dreams throughout this period which continuously showed me, that something in me was changing. The images and metaphors which appeared in the last metawalk were so supportive and beautiful, that I always can and do connect with them when at times I don’t feel so great.
And:  a very short time later I met a man J - and he touched my heart. At long last I feel I have finally arrived, and I feel loved.
I am joyous and grateful that through the work with Karina and Inner Speech Revelations, it has been possible for me to experience such a fast change in my life.

Romana H

November 2010

A new found lightness and love for life

I met Karina while attending one of her presentations during her European Tour. Instantly I was fascinated with Inner Speech Revelations and how it might work.  Previously I had heard from a friend how blockages and unwanted patterns could be resolved and released with Inner Speech Revelations
My curiosity led me to make an appointment with Karina. I wanted to work on feeling equal in all areas as a woman, living as a woman trusting my intuition and inner wisdom, and living my femaleness in all aspects. Very soon into our sessions I came to address my feelings towards the church, which I felt had blocked me for many years ( and lives). Together with my unconscious mind and the loving support of Karina I was able to release these blockages. It was not always easy for me to act according to the reversals, yet in the end I was strong within my decision to leave the institution ‘church’, to free myself of its chains. This in turn did not mean that I gave up on my belief, quite the opposite – I have much more access to that belief within. The hungry shark, the dominant church, the mindless zombie, the dark light – all of that dissolved!

It took two rounds of sessionwork for me to be able to ‘surf on the waves of life’, with a lightness and newly disocvered love for life I had not felt for a long time, to ride the highs and lows of the movement of life, supported by a strong woman at my side, my emancipated side which, through this work, I had been able to rediscover and activate.

Karina provided understanding and support through all my sessions and accompanied me lovingly through the highs and lows which appeared throughout. Her ability to recognise the important aspects within the myriad of words, and  finding clear reversals and messages within the sometimes unclear stories, has helpd me a lot. It was very good for me to directly and consciously be part of all that moved deep within myself, as previoulsy I was a woman who looked for errors and mistakes as well as answers, on the outside. These sessions have helped me to gain clarity and I can finally stand up for myself with all my strength and self-love.

Many Thanks for everything,

A Dollinger

October 2010

An adventure within a trustworthy atmosphere

Dear Karina

I came across your work with “Inner Speech Revelations” through your interview on www.alpenparlament.tv.

At first I was a bit concerned about the financial investment in myself, yet the thought prevailed that I might have found something which could actually help me resolve my problems once and for all.
So I decided to enter into this adventure, and I can only say:
I do not regret a single cent!!!

Inner Speech Revelations opened my eyes to many different aspects within me, and I indeed found a method to recognise and release old beliefsystems and behavioural patterns in a very short period of time.
The best thing was and is that my unconscious mind delivered all the answers itself rather than me being told what to do by someone else.

Even though I am 54 years of age and rather shy with regards to using the internet, I discovered that it really was no problem at all doing this work using Skype.  Every time we met on Skype, you were able to build a trustworthy atmosphere across the globe which allowed me to be open and ready to deal with all aspects of this work.

Many thanks for this again!!!

With kind regards

H. Hollaus

June 2010

Inner-most Peace

While crusing the internet looking for ways to help myself with the ever repeating question of – “should things be the way they are or not”, I came across the Webpage Inner Speech Revelations International.

I had already come to the conclusion that my behaviour to think through things and situations over and over again, and then blame myself for not achieving, had to do with learnt behavioural patterns.
So I wrote to Karina, we met and started with Inner Speech Revelations sessions.

I received insights and understanding regarding the confusion of my feelings and thoughts, and was able to release and transform some of my patterns and beliefs.

So today I can always call up the images that my unconscious mind delivered in transformation, and I feel and sense a deep inner peace within myself as well as with the world around me. This in turn makes my life much easy to live as I am now able to watch and observe situations as they occur in my life, without them pursueing or haunting me any longer.

M Brandes

January 2010

Impressive Result

Dear Karina,

Thank you for the session, which worked very well using Skype. The Reversals showed me again that I stand in the way of my own self-development. But my Reversals did not allow me to manipulate or sabotage my progress. I am particularly impressed with the fact that Reversals brought something out into the open, which was not a topic in the sessions. And I find myself even more impressed, that through the realizations I gained through the sessions I am now able to correct my actions in daily life. Thank you for the experiences, which accompany me every day.

Ulrike Bewer

July 2009

Working with Inner Speech Revelations & Karina

Totally by accident and because I had nothing else planned, I attended the presentation about Inner Speech Revelations in Basel in April 2009. When I found out that our unconscious continuously gives us clues and information I was moved to discover this for myself and started sessions with Karina.

Having dealt with all the organizational aspects, I went well prepared into our first telephone session (or so I thought!)  I wanted to change something within but realised during our recording that I didn’t really know what that was. I didn’t understand why I started to stutter and stop within my speech and became totally muddled up. I have to say I was not used to doing personal development sessions over the telephone however I continued to trust that it would work out fine, and indeed metaphors appeared within my reversals. The reversals supported me and also shocked me at first however they were always enlightening.

Rosmarie Orsingher
Basel, Switzerland


March 2008

Metaphors Were Running My Life

I am currently in training Inner Speech Revelations and would like to share here my own experiences. My first Inner Speech Revelations session was disappointing because I could not recognize how metaphors were running my life. According to Karina the work was incomplete as there were still aspects that had not been resolved, she suggested another session. Soon my life came to a complete stand-still – I started to hit an energetic wall - no contracts for work, no phone calls or orders, only financial demands. I realized that there were things outstanding that I really ought to address.

I booked a second round of sessions and found myself to be much more open and willing. I was able to see how deep this work actually reaches and recognized how metaphors were literally running my life. Over time we worked together with Inner Speech Revelations and Karina was able to really help me clean up deep inside. Now my life runs much more smoothly. I am more confident and feel stronger each day as I see my path unfold more and more positively. I am more trusting of myself, and I see this trust extend into every day situations. I also notice how well I now handle everyday life and the challenges it brings. My ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ have fallen away and I just get on and do. I notice that I set my goals much more clearly and consciously and therefore I am able to follow through much easier. In short, I am moving forward with confidence, trust and the awareness that I have now choice in all I do and which way to go.

Monika Kratz
Ind. IT Consultant,


February 2008

New Directions

I learned about Inner Speech Revelations through a friend of mine. While I had been exposed to other language technology tools, I did not know what quite to expect.

As we moved forth with the sessions, I came to discover a lot of things about myself and find the direction I needed in certain areas of my life. I found Inner Speech Revelations to be very helpful with the issues I was working with.

Thank you Karina! Great work and keep it up!

Miguel Jimenez

February 2008

Authentic Friendly Loving Feelings

I tried for many years with positive thinking to ‘love myself’. All I achieved was the realization that positive thinking is hard work and time consuming. The day I discovered Inner Speech Revelations was a true gift for me. My first session with Karina went really fast. The results made the hairs in the back of my neck stand up! The negativity towards myself was a shock to me. There had been hardly anything nice I thought about myself and I was sure I could never work through all of this in one lifetime. Karina didn’t seem bothered by all my negative thinking and only commented once saying; “ah well, we have a bit of work to do”.

After my first metawalk many things seemed to just resolve as if by magic. Processes began within myself, which I cannot really describe. Unpleasant things started to dissolve inside as well as on the outside. I felt a huge wave of love flow through me, not knowing what to do with this love all of a sudden. I just wasn’t used to feeling so much love for myself or for others. In time, however, I learnt how to let these new and wonderful energies just flow. I became aware that I started to respond rather than react in certain situations and the most wonderful thing was that I could meet my family, friends and work colleagues with authentic friendly loving feelings. Now for the first time in my life, I feel comfortable inside my own body. Karina, from my heart I wish you all the very best and thank you for this phenomenal work I was able to do with you.

Claudia Schmid


Communication - Personal Strength and Confidence

With Inner Speech Revelations many pictures and metaphors were shifted within my unconscious mind, I gained in personal strength and confidence.

In the past, where I used to avoid conflicts at all cost and had given up talking to my family about things that bothered or upset me, I now discovered that I was able to communicate much more - and the feeling of helplessness during interaction with others simply disappeared.
Suddenly relationships with other people became deeper, easier and more authentic. The ‘voices’ of my parents and teachers, which had accompanied all my thoughts and actions - stopped.

Inner Speech Revelations has given me the foundation for my personal growth process - following on from that has become much easier, and it is now just part of my life. Thank you very much for everything Karina,

Bettina Hartmann


2nd February 2007

By coincidence I became aware of Karina Kaiser’s homepage about Inner Speech Revelations. Curiosity promoted me to contact Karina for session work. My intention was to find out the reasons why I had so few friends in my life. After the first session and analysis it became obvious that the issues were more complex and deep seated then previously thought and we continued work beyond just one round of session work to achieve a fundamental positive shift in the way I thought and acted.

Four months have passed since starting this process and I can honestly and truly say that my life has changed a lot. Relationships with members of my family have altered to such a degree that I now feel I am being understood and accepted. I also respect and accept other people’s behaviour and opinions and new people increasingly enter my life, meeting me with an openness and friendliness unknown before. ‘Old’ friends seem to be in touch less and less and I notice that I feel less of a bond there. It appears to me that they fitted my ‘old’ way of being arrogant by ‘knowledge means acknowledgement’.

My energy seems to have changed enormously if I look at those people coming into my life as a mirror image of myself. I now receive acknowledgement from others in a loving way and am continuing to make positive and supportive connections with others,.

Other aspects that were addressed and supported through these sessions with Inner Speech Revelations came in various situations and directions, one of which the completion of my last relationship. I also changed clubs I belonged to as my interests also have shifted. I gave away many belonging recently in a space of a few days as I had no more attachments or meaning for them and I felt relieved and a new found freedom and peace within.

Furthermore I found out with a separate Inner Speech Revelations Analysis that the professional decision I was about to make was not the right one for me with clear and strong reversals present. Instead I received information from my unconscious mind in which direction it would serve me professionally to go.

The intensity and effort was well worthwhile, my life continues to change and I am feeling better and better within myself. I am looking forward to see how this journey in to the new direction will unfold.

And my recommendation for all of you who have tried many different ways to conquer such problems without much success due to maybe not really knowing on the unconscious level where the problem lies : - Inner Speech Revelations, used correctly, is a fast method to shift and alter unwanted belief systems and behavioural patterns. All you need to do is to allow it!

Karina, I wish you continuing success in this awesome work and thank you once again from my heart for all you support.

Ingo Klarenbach
Dip. Engineer

September 2006

I was laden with personal issues and excited by the possibilities with Inner Speech Revelations so I made contact with Karina.

After the first telephone conversation in which Karina explained to me everything I needed to know, we started with sessions. Within the first session I discovered that I had great difficulty in expressing myself clearly and continuously. I found myself stuttering half the time or not saying anything at all. However, Karina displayed immense patience, finding ways of asking questions differently until I was able to give answers, or she just waited patiently until I could articulate a few thoughts or feelings. Little did I know that I had begun a rollercoaster of experiences which has ultimately cleared up my fears and inhibitions!

Initially I had an issue with some of the reversals that arose. Some I found hard to accept, however Karina handled this with great patience and understanding. She led me through especially difficult metaphors step by step until I felt safe again. My inner pictures and images brightened gradually and with that my inner world of feeling brightened up considerably.

A lot of things have changed for me with Inner Speech Revelations. My fears have abated, I generally feel much safer in the world and in life. My interactions with people have improved dramatically and I am now able to open up. I also have become much more aware of my environment and the world around me - and as a bonus I have much more energy, also my optimism has returned from its vacation!

I recommend Inner Speech Revelations to anyone who wishes to find out the cause of their behaviour and how to change those experiences. It really worked for me - guaranteed!

Karina shows a sensitive antenna for her talking-partner, she resonates safety where she is needed and loosens up difficult or tricky moments with her spontaneous way of being. When I felt unsure I found her ability to explain what is happening very helpful and supportive.

Karina, I thank you for your support, your patience, your tips and encouragements at the right moments… and that you were always there… you have helped me take a big step forward. I wish you all the best.

J Buehlmann,
September 2006.

July 2005

Dear Ms Kaiser

With this letter I wish to thank you for the huge help I was able to experience through working with you.

With pleasure I would like to write a short synopsis of our work together

My sister recommended that I look into your homepage www.innerspeechrevelations.com so that I could find a way to answer my most urgent question.

I made contact with Karina and shared with her my pattern and complaint over 20 years as a business executive. Typically my pattern dictated that I accept leading business positions with companies led by older patrons who allow me to develop the company but return no gratitude or validation.

For those reasons I left my last executive position and was immediately offered a similar position in another company. Even though this was a blessing I understood that I was in the process of continuing my old pattern.

With Inner Speech Revelations I looked for the answer without being able to manipulate the answer. Thanks to the professionalism with which Ms Kaiser applied this method, I received an answer from my (not manipulated) unconscious mind through a clear reversal which told me – “Friedrich take this offer”!

I took the job, negotiated my requirements for gratefulness and validation and now enjoy a very rewarding and enjoyable new career, RESULT!

To every person who wishes to truly receive an honest answer from your inner self, I like to warmly recommend the Inner Speech Revelations Process under Ms Kaiser’s guidance.

Karina, I wish you continued success in your practice and will be in touch again next time.

With Best Regards

Friedrich Mumenthaler
Dip. Ing. FH

June 2005

We (my husband and I) have been in a relationship for 7 years and married for six. Right from the start we had problems which we tried to resolve each in our own way. Myself, through talking and my husband… through forgetting! Nothing worked, I became sick and my husband retreated more and more from me. I tried through various therapies to find out why I couldn’t be happy. During this search I found Inner Speech Revelations and was immediately interested in this scientific method of self-discovery.

Our marriage underwent a tough test during sessions with Karina however my own results encouraged Marcus who also started sessions. Even though the sessions were done separately Marcus and I were able to receive accurate, honest answers and positive changes which followed. With no doubt the process has saved our relationship. Our life together is now much different, thank you.


When I saw that my wife was getting results with Karina I realized it would help if we were doing it together. Our life at that point was pretty dull, there was not much enthusiasm left to develop a life together. We lived in parallel worlds which rarely showed any common denominators at all. I found the first session of Inner Speech Revelations very easy and was confident. After the second session I asked myself how this could possibly work and questioned if it would actually help our situation (I had become rather skeptical at that point). Then came the relief – my first breakthrough. It felt so good even though consciously I had not changed anything – but something did change which has really helped us both!

M & M Keclik

March 2005

"I went to Inner Speech Revelations wanting to address my issues of not moving forward in my business, particularly in relation to leadership and confidence.

During the work I could feel myself changing and I was actively taking on leadership responsibilities that I have avoided all my life. I continued to become the confident person I never before thought possible and am amazed and so very thankful to have found this valuable work.

I also want to acknowledge Karina's skill in facilitating the work with extraordinary skill and grace.

Thank you and I'll be back for more. "

C. Gibson
Byron Bay

"My initial intention for undertaking Inner Speech Revelations session work was to gain some understanding as to why I seem to have had a long-term block in my own confidence and capabilities to change my financial circumstances that have not been good for some time.

Although I was conscious of the recording device initially, I found it easy to engage in conversation. Karina was obviously attentive to keeping the flow of conversation running. There were times when I felt that I could not answer her questions with distinct answers and felt self-conscious that there were long gaps. Apparently this did not hinder the process. I felt Karina’s feedback was presented to me clearly as I could relate my behaviour to the reversals that were presented.

Karina provided a very safe and comfortable environment within which the meta-journeys took place. I felt that it was easy to relax and slip into this deep relaxation whilst still being aware of my body. I was surprised how quickly I could be in this state. During the meta-journeys I found that the images presented to me in dialogue stirred a “feeling” first, followed by the images presented

In the days following the first meta-journey I experienced headaches, stomachaches as well as generally feelings of “old” patterns of “unwell-ness”. However, I was reassured that this would pass and pass it did. I was feeling completely well by the second meta-journey and experienced no physical symptoms after this meta-journey. In the weeks following I found that I have had a new lease of energy. I seem to be sleeping less (I used to sleep a lot) and more deeply without a chaotic dream life (which has featured for the greater portion of my life). I feel much clearer within myself and I seem to have really let go of much old energy that was surrounding me from past relationships. I am now accepting a new and much brighter phase in my life.

I felt it was very easy to talk with Karina during all the conversations, and now, because I had felt the changes, there was plenty of dialogue in the last recorded conversation that took place to monitor the progress. I was more relaxed as I felt I was fully versed with the process by now and feeling the positive effects in my life. Karina has obviously being very thorough and I feel confident in and trust her abilities with this process.

My life is reflecting the changes within. I feel very much more confidant and clearer within my future and myself. I am more willing to voice myself in most circumstances rather than “leave” as I have done in the past. My work seems to have magically picked up without any particular effort on my behalf as I have shifted out of a very “stuck” headspace with regard to my work, which was my initial intention for doing the Reverse Speech session work."

Lucie Barlow N.D.
Byron Bay
December 2003

"For me it is a case of magnificent timing to come into the presence of David Oates and his work on Inner Speech Revelations.

I first met Karina in the health food store where I work. She is a native of Germany and a resident of Byron Bay. Although she hasn’t lived in Germany for over 20 years she still retains the thoroughness and precision which generally characterises the German psyche and which is obviously an excellent quality for Inner Speech Revelations.

I found Karina easy to work with and her evaluations extremely helpful. She has the ability to place her own appraisals as close as possible to being neutral, so as to allow the client to access their own insights. The truth of many of my reversals astounded me, and yet at the same time they resonated with my heart. They gave me clarity and understanding to be able to work much more consciously with all of the issues I needed to focus on. Overall they were incredibly illuminating as well as very healing.

Having lived with the eternal ‘why’ and wondering about many of the deeper questions that confront us, to my questioning of ‘Where are you my beloved soul’ and to hear a response in reverse saying “Relax, you’ve found me”, well to a questioning mind it doesn’t get any better. Here was proof indeed, of the rarest kind, that my soul was clearly speaking to me."

Aaron John Beth’el
Byron Bay
October 2002

"On the face of it, the idea of Inner Speech Revelations analysis seemed utterly absurd, but Karina has a gift for making sense of it, especially with regards to the 'metaphors'.
My attitude toward life is that truth is basically where you find it, so I decided to give it a try and have a look at some issues I had in my life.

Inner Speech Revelations was essentially a mirror in which I could discover some fascinating and, at times unsettling intricacies in my sub-conscious behaviour that have been making my life frustrating and painful in some areas. It was quite remarkable to see how Inner Speech Revelations worked and what I could learn from it, so the affordable sessions I had with Karina were really worthwhile."

Doug Braat
Translator Japanese/English
Byron Bay

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