Inner Speech Revelations™– Discovery, Development, Research and Ongoing

In the 60’s a few music bands experimented with sound by recording sentences or comments and inserting them backwards into their original music tracks. The Beatles for example, recorded the comment “I buried Paul”  and inserted the words played backwards into their song Strawberry Fields. The comment was only audible when playing the song in reverse. This playful manipulation was named ‘Backward masking’. 

In the early 80’s in Australia, it was discovered that by playing music recordings in reverse, forward words were not only heard in the music but also in recorded human conversations. This phenomenon to ‘reverse speech’ was researched over many years and it was established that this was how the Unconscious mind chose to communicate and express our innermost knowings. This unconscious communication is not a learnt skill and cannot be manipulated; neither can it be produced through electronic or mechanical means. 

Further research revealed that these two forms of communication, conscious and unconscious, are connected. The unconscious communication relates to whatever is consciously being talked about and expands on what has been expressed. This is one of the most important factors to correctly understand the audible communications of the Unconscious.  An equally important discovery was that the Unconscious will only speak the ‘truth’! With this in mind, a new and unique method of self-discovery and self-development was inspired and developed.

After 2 years of training in Australia, Karina Kaiser was certified in 2003 as a Coach and Trainer for Reverse Speech.
Karina decided to bring this amazing method of Self-development to the German speaking countries and started to research this phenomenon in her own mother language, namely German. She discovered that ‘Reversals’ can also appear in languages which one does not speak or have access to. Another astonishing revelation was that that just one Reversal could present itself in various languages! These revelations in our reversed speech, appear to manifest from different dimensions within ourself and reveal our true inner state of being. The possibility to achieve long lasting change through transformation on a deep inner level is the whole purpose of Coaching with the Inner Self.

Research with this multi-dimensional speech, the search for and the finding of explanations as well as the continuing systemising of these  inner  revelations became a true vocation for Karina.  Being in service to humanity, Karina uses this technique to expand the coaching-process in support of her client’s own development in all areas of their lives.
In 2002 during the reverse speech training course, she was introduced to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings by Universal Medicine in Australia, (re-)established and presented by Serge Benhayon in Australia.
Universal Medicine is a practice for complementary medicine and a School for Esoteric Philosophy in Goonellabah in Australia.  The word ‘esoteric’ derives from the Greek language, meaning “innermost”:  the connection to and with our heart and soul.
Hermes (Trismegistus) and many after him laid the foundation of the esoteric philosophy and presented the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. The perception of these teachings in the body, as well as the personal sittings and conversations with Serge Benhayon, resonated deeply with Karina. Through these perceptions as well as the felt experience working with reversals and her metajourneys, Karina found many similarities between these two methods both of which showed clearly each in their own way, where she or respectively her clients were congruent in their truth and acting from their heart, or not!

Therefore, out of the innermost insights from our conscious and unconscious speech, and in connection with the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, the name Inner Speech Revelations™ was born. Karina finds that the different dimensions, as presented by Universal Medicine, are also reflected in her work with Inner Speech Revelations™.

In Summary, one can say that Karina is continuously learning the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and Universal Medicine which she applies in her daily life. This serves the connection to the innermost knowledge and wisdom which flows through into her work with Inner Speech Revelations™, and can no longer be held separate from it.

Karina Kaiser facilitates her practice in Byron Bay Australia and worldwide (online via skype), offering regular study courses for Coaching with Inner speech Revelations™.

Every year Karina travels throughout Europe delivering presentations and seminars in English and German, with private sessions conducted either in person or via the internet (skype).

Karina has published many articles about the reverse speech phenomenon and is a frequent guest on European internet and TV programs. 

In 2010: Karina published her first book about her work in the German language: 
“Unterwegs durchs Unbewssute – Die Sprache der inneren Wahrheit.” 

In 2011 Karina’s first DVD (in German) was published:
“ Die geheimen Botschaften des Unbewussten“.

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