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Communication - Personal Strength and Confidence

It’s now nearly a year ago that I became aware of Reverse Speech. At that time the idea that my unconscious mind could inset words into my forward spoken test, was fascinating to me. Today, I can recognize and acknowledge how Reverse Speech has changed my life.

In my mid 30’s I tried getting back into working life after a period of being full-time mother. This turned out to be impossible in my original profession, and even further education in different areas didn’t lead to the success I desired. I was interested in many things but could not decide what particular direction to take.

The first thing that became apparent was that my unconscious was not willing to allow any change. It was a relief for me to hear this because now I could understand why up until now all efforts to gain clarity and direction had failed. Luckily, with Reverse Speech, there is a very effective method to shift this unwillingness towards the desire for change.

And already at this point the changes started to occur in my life as I found myself all of a sudden willing to take a job ‘beneath my qualifications’ so that I could finance further work with Reverse Speech myself.

As a result of the second round of Reverse Speech sessions in which many pictures and metaphors were shifted within my unconscious mind, I gained in personal strength and confidence. In the past, where I used to avoid conflicts at all cost and had given up talking to my family about things that bothered or upset me, I now discovered I was able to communicate much more - and the feeling of helplessness during interaction with others had disappeared.

In general I can only confirm what others have written before me: when changing behavior one does attract other types of people. Suddenly relationships with other people become deeper, easier and more authentic. The ‘voices’ of my parents and teachers, which have accompanied all my thoughts and actions - stopped. It is a feeling of enormous lightness - at long last to be one with myself.

Especially I would like to mention that I have quit my job and have started another, still ‘under my qualifications’ yet one that I love doing and which led me to a new field of work – something which has never happened before. Because of my newly acquired openness I found something that I normally would never have noticed. And I am very satisfied.

I think that the changes and self-development will continue, even after such an eventful year. Reverse Speech has given me the foundation for this personal growth process - following on from that has become much easier and it is now just part of my life.

Thank you very much for everything Karina,

Bettina Hartmann
Berlin, October 2007

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