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Authentic Friendly Loving Feelings

The day I discovered Reverse Speech for the first time was a true gift for me. For a long time I had occupied myself with the topic ‘Selflove’. I tried for many years to tell myself through positive thinking how ‘beautiful I am… how loveable I am’. I tried to convince myself to love myself yet all that I achieved was the realization that positive thinking is hard work and time consuming. And also it stood in direct contrast to my inner feelings of simplicity (I am convinced that as long as things don’t come easy to me I am not on the right track).

My first session with Karina went really fast. The result of this first session let the hairs in the back of my neck stand up! I had been prepared for quite a lot, yet the negativity towards myself that I was now confronted with was a shock to me. There had been hardly anything nice I thought about myself and I was sure I could never work through all of this in one lifetime. Yet Karina didn’t seem bothered by all my negative thinking and only commented once saying; “ah well, we have a bit of work to do”.

After my first metawalk many things seemed to just resolve as if by magic. Processes began within myself, which I cannot really describe. Unpleasant things started to dissolve inside as well as on the outside. It was not possible for me to analyze these changes with my intellectual analytical mind (which was my biggest challenge during the sessions with Reverse Speech). I started to feel more relaxed and at times, I felt a huge wave of love flow through me, not knowing what to do with this love all of a sudden. I just wasn’t used to feeling so much love for myself or for others. In time, however, I learnt how to let these new and wonderful energies just flow. I became aware that I started to respond rather than react in certain situations and the most wonderful thing was that I could meet my family, friends and work colleagues with authentic friendly loving feelings. Now for the first time in my life, I feel comfortable inside my own body.

Today, some time later I can only say that the work with Karina and Reverse Speech was the best thing that could have happened to me. My unconscious mind (and who should know better than my unconscious mind) delivered all the information necessary in order for me to shift and alter my thoughts from negative thinking into a positive supportive and loving process., professionally supported by Karina the entire time. For me Reverse Speech is a simple and effective method to transform undesired behavior, with changes occurring deep within which then start to show themselves in daily life. My unconscious mind took it all in hand and all I had to do was say ‘Yes’ to the whole process with all that this entailed.

Karina, from my heart I wish you all the very best and thank you for this phenomenal work I was able to do with you.

Claudia Schmid,
February 2008

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