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Metaphors Were Running My Life

I am currently Training in Reverse Speech and would like to share here my own experiences, which have given me insights to know and feel into situations so I can support my own clients undergoing this work. After two complete rounds of session work with Karina I was able to see how deep this work actually reaches and I could recognize how metaphors were running my life.

After the first round of sessions this was not clear to me, according to Karina the work was incomplete as there were still aspects that had not been resolved. Only when my life started to come to a complete stand-still and I started to hit an energetic wall, - no contracts or commissions for work, no phone calls or orders, only financial demands, no land in sight – and me going through a level of fear that I had never experienced before, was I able to accept that there were things outstanding that I really ought to address. During this living in fear, I was shown pretty much all forms of fear I had encountered throughout my life: Fear of abandonment, existential fears, fear of incompetence, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of being totally unable to achieve anything at all – the whole spectrum!
Only then was I able to accept that not all had been resolved in that first round of session work and that I had gotten myself stuck. Only then was I ready to undergo a 2nd round of session work. This 2nd round I was able to experience on a much more conscious level now that I knew a lot more about Reverse Speech.

I recognize to what depth this work actually goes and that just an interview can produce some reactions within. I discovered that the work with Reverse Speech is a time of deep inner processes and transformations within, which can have deep reaching effects – just as I had lived through and experienced them. During this session I found myself to be much more open and willing, we worked together on a much deeper level and Karina really helped me clean up deep inside.

Now my life runs much more smoothly. I am more confident and feel stronger each day as I see my path unfold more and more positively. I am more trusting of myself, and I see this trust extend into every day situations, and I notice how well I now handle everyday life and the challenges it brings. My ‘buts’ and ‘if’s’ have fallen away and I just get on and do. I notice that I set my goals much more clearly and consciously and therefore I am able to follow through much easier. In short, I am moving forward with confidence, trust and the awareness that I have now choice in all I do and which way to go.

Monika Kratz
Ind. IT Consultant,
March 2008

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