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July 2009

Working with Reverse Speech & Karina

Totally by accident and because I had nothing else planned, I attended the presentation about Reverse Speech in Basel in April 2009. When I found out that our unconscious continuously gives us clues and information I was moved to discover this for myself and started sessions with Karina.

Having dealt with all the organizational aspects, I went well prepared into our first telephone session (or so I thought!)  I wanted to change something within but realised during our recording that I didn’t really know what that was. I didn’t understand why I started to stutter and stop within my speech and became totally muddled up. I have to say I was not used to doing personal development sessions over the telephone however I continued to trust that it would work out fine, and indeed metaphors appeared within my reversals. The reversals supported me and also shocked me at first however they were always enlightening.

After my first Metajourney I felt rather strange.  There was an uncomfortable feeling of emptiness, yet this was rather pleasant. I allowed this feeling to grow because I wanted to have some change from within, it was as if a reconstruction within my inner self was taking place.  Finally I felt myself to be at a crossroads where I did not have to decide as such but instead just allow it to happen and wait and watch to see what would happen. I allowed these new feelings to show themselves because up until now any decisions for me had all been associated with heaviness and hard work.  

Something fundamentally changed which enabled me to resolve these inner resistances and blockages. I now walk strengthened through my life with an inner trust.  I can deal much better with stress and difficult decisions, mostly because I can now slip much more easily into the observer role and therefore not identify with the stressy situations as much as I used to.  I take consciously a step back and observe the whole picture so that it no longer has any effect on me.

Karina really understood and supported me. She dealt well with my emotional states and was able to wait, comfort even when there was a bit of time pressure at times.  I experienced Karina as an articulate, open, straight-forward, competent and flexible person and, most of all – she does not criticise. These attributes are important to me and contributed to a successful outcome for me.

If you really want to change something in your life and are willing to let go and trust Karina, then many things are able to shift and new ways and experiences can come to the fore. This has been my experience.

Dear Karina, a thousand thanks to you and my very best wishes. My thoughts will be with you.

Rosmarie Orsingher
Basel, Switzerland

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