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At Inner Speech Revelations® (ISR), we support people to see, feel, understand and release unwanted belief systems and behaviours while simultaneously valuing and confirming each person for the awesome, amazing and loveable being that they naturally are.

Inner Speech Revelations® offers insights, support and assistance from your Inner Self both in self-development and everyday situations.

With Inner Speech Revelations® there is the possibility of reconnecting with our inner-most self to return to our true essence and restoring our inner harmony; this is possible for everyone.

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Your Inner Speech revealed! – Offer includes a short recording, Analysis of your inner communications, written report and personal feedback of results. €175 Contact Karina


Inner Speech Revelations: Accessing our multi-dimensional Speech

Inner Speech Revelations opens up a unique way to build a deep connection with the true aspects within ourselves, as well as those aspects that hinder us to return to who we truly are. When we record our communications or conversations and play them in reverse, we open the door to our Inner Self. Through reversing these recordings, we are able to make audible the multi-dimensional communications of our unconscious mind. . These reverse speech messages are embedded in our conscious communications and relate to what we are talking about at that time. Revealing our inner speech allows us to experience the many different levels within our psyche, getting to know our current inner state of being. At the same time, Inner Speech Revelations® offers us the possibility for long lasting change through transformation of all that is in the way of us reconnecting to who we truly are.


Reversals:  Multi-dimensional messages from within

“Reversal” is the name given to the multi-dimensional messages from our unconscious mind. These messages appear within different levels of the unconscious and can occur in daily language as well as in metaphors, archetypes and symbols. Reversals often show our beliefs and behavioural patterns in the form of metaphors and symbols. Some reversals let us see supportive inner aspects of ourselves, other reversals reflect back to us our lack of self-love and inner harmony. Reversals also offer us ways to accept and release these patterns of unfavourable behaviour, allowing for transformation from deep within.

On the deepest level of our inner self, reversals may comment on aspects relating to God and/or the Soul. Reversals of the Soul are very precious as the Soul often describes our inner state of being.


“Through accepting and releasing unfavourable aspects, only the true path can follow.”

  • Together we allow for answers to unfold
  • Together we feel into the depth of the expressions from our inner self
  • With true empathy we accept our reality of ideals and beliefs
  • Through conscious recognition, acceptance and reflection we can make a different choice, thereby dissolving our issues
  • Through self-responsibility and Love we re-connect to our heart again
  • The heart will then lead, and our true way of living can follow.

The carrying foundation of Inner Speech Revelations® forms itself out of the ethical principals which (as part of many), request a high level of integrity in the daily life of all ISR coaches.

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  • March – June 2018: please refer to German page
  • October 2018: An Online Study course in ‘Coaching with Inner Speech Revelations’ starts in English and German. Contact Karina


Online Study Course – Coaching with Inner Speech Revelations

  • Are you looking for a new career in the area of self-development, healing and coaching?
  • Are you interested in the true facts of political, historical or current world issues?
  • Do you also feel that many things don’t seem to ring true?

Welcome to a journey of extraordinary adventure: The Online Study Course for Coaching with Inner Speech Revelations.

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